A lockdown idea turned to start up

2020 gave us an idea. Consider us your official “ice-breaker.”


EVERYVOICE is a new kind of media company. Everything we do is about putting the world in conversation. It’s inspired by 2020 and what we wished we would have had access to during lockdown. 


The circumstances and restrictions of a global pandemic shed light on problems we’ve all experienced. Social distancing, working from home, and travel-bans broadened gaps for judgment, misunderstanding, and (simply) loneliness. 

Our purpose is to put human experiences first and build secure & safe conversation spaces, both on and offline. The best moments in life leave us speechless, but we know communication is needed to uplift and empower people all over the world. 


By stripping back social networks and taking a fresh look at what they’re truly about, we’ve developed our first product. We invite you to explore the world of Snippets, the first social audio application for women. 


Brew some coffee and join in!